AEA Benefits
What you get
What you don’t get

What you don’t get:

No pens, pins, hats, T-shirts, jackets, ties, calculators, membership cards, trinkets, titles, false images or pretense at supporting American engineers’ professional needs.

No division of the Engineering Community by discipline, i.e. AE ME, CE, EE, etc.

No membership fees close to, or in excess of $100 per year.

No activities detrimental to the Engineering profession, i.e. efforts to shift funding from NASA’s Space Station Freedom to the National Science Foundation, NSF.

No brochures with labor shortage fabrications or student recruiting for the universities or Engineering colleges.

No support for the government’s “Shortage Shouting” National Science Foundation.

No support for legislation to import more foreign Engineers, Programmers or STEM professionals.

No misuse of National Engineers’ Week to introduce and seduce our K-12 children to the engineering schools.

No efforts to increase the Engineering and STEM work force Supply/Demand Ratio.

You can get all of the above from the historical, antiquated engineering societies driven by the greed of the College Empire and Corporate America. Their activities are detrimental to your career and profession.

What you get:

We provide members with their own AEA Email address, example: to reach Congress and others and show your professional affiliation.

We provide dedication, sincerity, and respect with a mission to enhance the careers of practicing Engineers.

We provide the opportunity to support AEA’s efforts and participate both actively and financially to enhance the profession. Our annual fees are $30 or less.

We bring together Engineers from all Engineering Disciplines.

We use National Engineers’ Week to honor and respect our Engineers from all disciplines and industries.

We provide the facts about our government’s shady NSF.

We oppose importing foreign engineers and debunked the engineering shortage propaganda drafted by the National Science Foundation.

We provide informative Position Papers beneficial to the public and supportive of the Engineering Profession.

We strive to reduce the labor Supply/Demand Ratio to increase opportunities for American professionals.

We educate the public, elected representatives and the engineering community and provide them with the facts about issues of concern.".

We support members from all industries, branches and specialties of the engineering community, providing the potential of becoming the largest and most influential Engineering organization in the world.

Our members are involved from microcircuits to transmission lines, go-carts to moon shots, energy conversion to energy conservation and from the ocean depths to outer space.

We are the only engineering association dedicated to the professional needs and concerns of the U.S. Engineering Community.

Remember: When you support the other engineering societies you are contributing to the destruction of your Engineering career. Think about this when dues time comes.

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Dedicated to the Enhancement of the Engineering Profession and U.S. Engineering Capabilities.