Current News:
  • AEA Legislative Activities

    We are forming a loose-knit, but passionate, AEA team to deliver important messages in person to the Aides for Key Senators and Congress men and women on Capitol Hill.

    Key Senators and Congressmen and women are those who are able to change the H-1B visa program.

    Team members would likely be within commuting distance of The Capitol.

    Typically, three to four appointments will be scheduled for one day on either the House or Senate side of The Hill.

    AEA members or associates, who are constituents from each State or Congressional District to be visited, will contact the respective offices prior to our Team’s appointments.  The AEA members will ask that the AEA Team be well-received as the subject matter is important to the constituent.

    Interested in being a Team member?  Contact: James McDonald with your-mail address, phone number and physical address. You will in turn be contacted to set up a group meeting at a convenient place.

    Worried that you don't have any lobbying experience?  Don't be. We have team leaders with Capitol Hill experience. Team members who add physical presence are valuable and necessary. That could be you.

    James McDonald
    AEA, Director Legislative Affairs
    Member, AEA BoD


  • Web Development

    As you can all see, our web site is still under development. There is much to be done, but we are still trying. Presently we are dependant on volunteers and every ones time is rather limited. Keep after us and continue to watch our site, spread the word and keep others informed .