The Engineering Group
That Brings American
Engineers Together

AEA: Engineers Working With Engineers.

AEA is dedicated to the enhancement of the engineering profession and U.S. engineering capabilities.

AEA is a nonprofit association with members in virtually every high-tech center and industry in the United States.

AEA members are from all engineering disciplines including aerospace, chemical, civil, computer, electrical and electronics, industrial, IT, mechanical, and software to list a few.

AEA members are from most industries, branches and specialties of the engineering community.

AEA members are involved from microcircuits to transmission lines, go-carts to moon shots, energy conversion to energy conservation and from the ocean depths to outer space.

AEA is the only engineering association dedicated to the professional needs and concerns of the U.S. Engineering Community.






AEA: Engineers Sharing Common Concerns.

About America’s future, National Defense and Home Land Security, protecting U.S. borders, a lifelong engineering career, opportunities to practice the profession, loss of U.S. manufacturing and engineering jobs, reduction in U.S. productivity, under-utilization of engineers, skill enhancement opportunities, opportunities, for U.S. engineering graduates, our U.S. Education system, displacing U.S. engineers with foreign workers, Engineer Shortage Propaganda, and incentives for U.S. corporations, etc.

AEA: Engineers And What We Do.

We communicate, report news, make news, keep engineers aware, publish engineers' views, improve the environment, working conditions, education, testify before Congress, review legislation, oppose positions and endorse positions.

600,000 U.S. ENGINEERS


AEA: Engineers Achieving Results.

AEA testified against and debunked the engineering shortage propaganda promoted by the National Science Foundation.

AEA has a Web Site dedicated to the Engineering Profession.

AEA opposed DOD for encouraging foreign procurement and supported legislation to restrict the practice.

AEA was the only engineering organization to testify in person against the 1990 immigration bill, which opened the floodgates for foreign engineers to enter this country permanently.

AEA opposed provisions in the Free Trade Agreement which surrendered our rights to foreign trade attorneys.

American Engineer© is the official publication of the AEA.

AE Keeps Congress the public and members informed about Engineering, economic and technological issues.

Engineers, Developing U.S. Engineering’s Future

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