Pitfalls of an Engineering Career

And what you are up against. Academics claim you are obsolete at 35. Corporations want to replace you with the new graduate, import cheaper foreign engineers, and/or send the work off shore. Much of this also applies to math, science, programmers and other high-tech workers.

To consider this one might look at the options and the cost of an education in engineering for a career with the life expectancy of only 15 to 20 years.

I'm not trying to discourage one from becoming an engineer, but to recognize the problems and make choices and decisions to insure your future. Find out what disciplines offer a lifetime of opportunities, if any.

Face the facts:

All of the above has been going on for more than 30 years, so don't expect any changes without diligent opposition and an effective course of action.

Where do you stand? Who is lobbying to take your case to Washington? Who is trying to fight the excess degree production? Who is able to combat the Shortage Propaganda?

WHO? Our AEA and Board Members are trying, but we need your help. Don't be shy, spread the word and join us at AEA. Membership is only $30. We want an office, staff and lobbyist in Washington to deliver our message. We need your support to take our fight to Washington. This is the only course of action that will work.

Richard F. Tax
American Engineering Association

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