Position Papers

AEA’s Position Papers define the views of the AEA on individual subjects/issues as recommended by the BoD.  These papers should unify and clarify the Boards position on specific issues.  They should be factual, informative and help to eliminate confusion.  These Positions will be referenced when discussing relevant issues.

Positions should, if at all possible, be no longer than two pages, but may be supplemented with additions referenced material.

It will be helpful for any Member or knowledgable person to contribute to the process of selection and preparation of AEA Position Statements.

Accepted Position Statements will be approved by the AEA BoD and be published on the Web and distributed accordingly.

Subjects considered are:


    "Disaster Area Recovery Plan"

    This plan would include educating and training the victims with the skills to rebuild their homes, schools, churches, city and info structure.  Think about how the survivors could benefit from the opportunities made possible to rebuild their future. TBD

    Importing Foreign Engineers, Programmers and High Tech Workers, including H-1Bs.

    Importing and funding foreign student education. NSF funding.  TBD
    Consider demand/supply and degree production.
    We should investigate NSF’s directive.

    Engineer Shortage Propaganda (ESP) TBD

    Illegal Immigration TBD

    Off shoring TBD

    Out Sourcing TBD

    Ethics TBD

    Mentoring and Retraining Career Changers TBD

    Improve the government’s ability to reduce time to provide a Security Clearance TBD

We have a lot of work to do.  Let’s get started.

These subjects have not been listed according to priority.  Due Dates will depend on available personnel.