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In Honor Of

The American Engineer

The week of February 22, 2015 has been dedicated as National Engineers' Week and I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate and honor the members of our American Engineering Community. I commend you for your many accomplishments and contributions to our society and our great nation.

To those who have worked in the defense sector, we owe a special gratitude because your contributions have kept our country safe and free from aggression. Our cities and shores have been free from bombings and invasion because of our nation's technological strength and your engineering capabilities.

To those in the commercial sector, we thank you for your contributions in too many areas to mention. Your signature touches everything made by mankind, no matter how small and in every industry. I can visualize the engineering effort that not only developed a product, but the equipment used to manufacture and produce it. Your presence is everywhere.

You, the members of the engineering community, have made our lives safer, healthier, easier, more enjoyable, more efficient and more productive to say the very least. You have done this often under adverse conditions, through dedicated service and personal sacrifice, and for this you also have our appreciation and our gratitude.

You are a unique breed; the better you do your work, the sooner you will be without a job, without an income and without a career. Knowing this, you always proceed and do your very best. Your function is to design yourself out of a job. You have done this admirably. Engineers have not only won the wars, they have won the peace. The Cold War is over and communism, as a threat, is ended. I believe, very confidently, that our victory in the Persian Gulf, Afghanistan and Iraq were primarily due to the technology developed by our American Engineering Community and utilization by our skilled servicemen and women.

For many years you have been displaced by imported foreign workers, disregarded and laid-off by the hundreds of thousands. Had you not done your job and our technologies failed in the foreign wars, Persian Gulf, Afghanistan and Iraq, had we, these United States, failed to show that we can back up our will with our engineering-developed might and capabilities; you would all still be in great demand. Had you failed, like so many others, Congress would shower the engineering community with money in the naive belief that money alone would breed success. The defense budget would increase and you would not suffer the pains of unemployment and under-utilization. However, I would not have it any other way. I am proud to be a member of the engineering community, knowing that we function to solve problems and move on to new challenges. I am proud, and you should also be proud, to be members of a profession that has performed so outstandingly.

We are still very much concerned about the crisis in engineering unemployment, off shoring and under-utilization in the United States today. AEA will continue to tell others that our unemployed and under-utilized members of the engineering community must not be forgotten. We must continuously strive for a manpower balance that provides our engineers with the opportunity to pursue their careers and enhance their engineering skills and capabilities throughout a life of continued practice and professional service. We shall prevail in this endeavor.

We thank you for your efforts, dedication and achievements. We applaud you and will tell the rest of the world of your capabilities, willingness, readiness and desire to do even more. God bless you all, not only during National Engineers' Week, but throughout the year.

Richard F. Tax, President,




533 Waterside Blvd. Monroe Twp. NJ 08831 E-mail:, URL:

National Engineers Week

Hey little girl - want a cookie????

In this case the seducers are the producers of National Engineers Week, (NEW) and the "National Engineers Week Foundation1. have focused on diversifying the ranks of engineering with efforts to reach young women and girls, especially during the annual Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day2., this year....." I refer to this as a seduction because these same groups and individuals are supporting efforts to encourage and import foreign engineers and STEM professionals. They do this, creating an oversupply, without considering the, already, high Supply/Demand Ratio

They say "Girl Day," as it's known among engineers, is the only outreach of its kind aimed at a single profession. On February 26, (GIRL DAY) and then in programs continued throughout the year, women engineers and their male counterparts reach as many as one million girls with workshops, tours, speaking engagements, on-line discussions and a host of other activities that showcase engineering as an important career option for everyone."

They cite a career, but is there a career in Engineering and can they or are they able to deliver a career in engineering. What about the caveats?

We know about discrimination in engineering by age, sex, race, national origin and the big one, salary. There is only room for discrimination if there is surplus. Academics state your career is over at age 353.. How much will that Engineering degree cost for a 15 year career?

Do they mention downsizing, importing cheap foreign engineers or sending engineering jobs off shore? Of course not. Which career will be more stable and which will result in a clerks job at Home Depot? They don't tell you that.

Who are the beneficiaries? The supporters of National Engineer's Week are the ones who benefit - members of the Foundation. They are the educators: K-12 educators get more funding for programs to lead your sons and, in this case, your daughters toward an education in Engineering. Academics fill their class rooms, for every seat there is a dollar attached. Corporations get cheap expendable workers that they can lay off once they arrive at mid career or require more benefits.

So, you see, there is no career. At best one might get a good education. Engineers may one day hope for a viable career in their field when the US Congress gets wise to this scam perpetuated by members of this elite coalition of academics, corporate executives, professional societies, and government agencies. AEA will fight for Engineers and their Profession.



3. EE Obsolescence Predicted in Massachusetts


Richard F. Tax


American Engineering Association,

Roger Boisjoly - The Challenger Disaster


Roger Boisjoly had over a quarter-century's experience in the aerospace industry in 1985 when he became involved in an improvement effort on the O-rings which connect segments of Morton Thiokol's Solid Rocket Booster, used to bring the Space Shuttle into orbit. Boisjoly has spent his entire career making well-informed decisions based on his understanding of and belief in a professional engineer's rights and responsibilities. For his honesty and integrity leading up to and directly following the shuttle disaster, Roger Boisjoly was awarded the Prize for Scientific Freedom and Responsibility by the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Mr. Boisjoly died of cancer in St. George , Utah on Jan. 6, 2012. He spent his final years offering workshops and lectures on changing workplace ethics for numerous universities and civic groups.

For more information see this rememberance on NPR

Hey Little Girl - Want a Cookie????

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